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Our Mission

Our mission is to make great marketing truly affordable for all small business owners. 

One of the statements we constantly hear from entrepreneurs is that they need help with marketing, but the help they can afford and the expertise they need are mismatched. It’s heartbreaking to watch great businesses struggle for lack of great marketing. 

The team at 30 Day Funnels is here to break that cycle. 

We want you to have the business of your dreams - and the way to do that is with comprehensive marketing funnels - built around a tried and true framework.

Our Team

30 Day Funnels was designed to help you get great marketing and one of the ways we do that is by hiring certified digital marketing experts. Our team is full of professional (and certified) content marketers, email marketers, copywriters, graphic designers and customer relationship managers. 

We believe that the best way to be of service to entrepreneurs is to share our expertise with you - directly.


That’s why 30 Day Funnels doesn’t just do one part of your funnel creation - we provide you with professionally created content to help you fill your pipeline with qualified prospective customers.

Our Origin Story

“But I don’t want to *be* on Facebook. I never know what to say.” Our founder, Lindsay Sims, was hearing that more and more from her students and consulting clients. Several of them had attempted to hire it out - find someone (an intern usually) who they hoped could do all their digital marketing. 


Of course, it never worked out. 


They kept coming back to her asking if the content was any good. Or complaining that the person didn't know how to do hashtags right or that the interns were no good at captions. And don’t even mention email marketing - for most of them, that was completely off the table. 


30 Day Funnels was founded out of frustration. Lindsay was constantly frustrated and needed to find a way to help that fit within their budget and also solved for their desire to get away from the overwhelm of social media.


If this story resonates with you, it’s likely that you’re who she created 30 Day Funnels for. Click here to get started launching your dreams.

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