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The Details

Is it possible to launch a brand new idea with a cohesive marketing strategy in less than 30 days?

What if it could be done with professional graphic design and copywriting? 30 Day Funnels gives you all the social media posts, emails, landing pages, and advertising you need for a comprehensive marketing funnel. In just 30 days you’ll have a professional marketing funnel to help you launch your next great idea into the stratosphere.

With 30 Day Funnels you’ll get…


Complete Social Media Posts

One of the biggest challenges small business owners face is underselling their products and services because you don’t know what to say on social media. 30 Day Funnels assumes that you’re one of those people and delivers 15 branded social media posts - with captions (including emojis) for you to share. And we customize those captions and graphics for up to 3 different social platforms.


Fully Designed Landing Pages

A great landing page is a mixture of headlines, captivating images, engaging copy and calls to action. With 30 Day Funnels, we have a team of certified marketers writing the copy, sourcing the images and masterfully crafting headlines and calls to action for your specific funnel.


Comprehensive Email Marketing

 The 30 Day Funnels Framework is centered around using emails to engage and nurture your prospects into customers. Everything from copy, spacing, sequencing and subject lines will be analyzed for likelihood of conversion before we hand it off to you for use with your favorite email marketing software.

Custom Social Media Ads

Although we truly believe that you can have an outstanding funnel without advertising - we understand that ads are useful, especially when launching to a new audience or launching a new product/service. 30 Day Funnels provides you with your graphics, headlines and descriptions for 3 social ads campaigns. We also provide suggestions for a custom audience for each campaign.

Funnel v2.png

Hashtag & Keyword Research Included

Hashtags & keywords are not universally effective. Different platforms behave differently - that’s why 30 Day Funnels provides you with platform specific hashtag and keyword suggestions for promoting your funnel content. You can mix and match our suggestions with ones that you always use or hashtags and keywords that are industry standards. Either way, we’ll provide a great foundation for you to start leveraging them.


 Implementation Bonuses 

We want your marketing funnel to be a rousing success - so in addition to providing you with all of the content you need - 30 Day Funnels provides you with a Custom Funnel Timeline - to help you determine which days to post which content and our Funnel implementation Planner - to help you get all of your ducks in a complete row before, during and after your funnel launches.

How does 30 Day Funnels works?

Our main objective is for you to have a completed funnel that is ready to run in 30 days. Here's how we make that happen. 



Complete your landing page copy

After making your 30 Day Funnels purchase, you'll be directed to complete the Landing Page Questionnaire. We use your answers to craft your landing page copy and get you started with crafting a consistent brand voice.


5 business days after completing your landing page questionnaire, you'll be able to review your landing page copy and accept it as is, or return it with revisions. 



Complete your email series copy

At the beginning of week 2 we'll send you the Email Series Questionnaire. We'll use your answers to craft your 4 emails - an introductory email and a 3-part email series. 


5 business days after completing your email series questionnaire, you'll be able to review your email series copy and accept it as is, or return it with revisions. 



Complete your social media captions

At the beginning of week 3, we'll send you the Social Media Questionnaire. We'll use your answers to craft 15 organic social media posts and 3 social media ads captions. 

5 business days after completing your social media questionnaire, you'll be able to review your social media captions and accept them as is, or return them with revisions.



Complete all of your images and layouts

At the beginning of week 4, we'll send a Branding and Style Questionnaire. We'll use your answers to create 15 organic social media images, 3 social media ads images as well as the layouts for all of your landing pages. 

We'll round this out by sending you an implementation guide, funnel guide and hashtag suggestions. As with all of the previous phases, you'll have access to these images within 5 business days of completing the branding and style questionnaire.  And you'll be able to review and submit revision requests as needed. 

And That's It!!

At the end of 30 days you'll have everything you need to launch a fully custom funnel using whichever funnel marketing software you love. 

Think you're ready to get started with funnel marketing? Take our Funnel Readiness Quiz to help determine if you're ready to launch a funnel in the next 30 days. 

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